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Swing Set Play Set Installation

AJ Outdoors DFW Swing Sets and More

Swing Sets, Playsets, Dollhouses, Play Kitchens, Trampoline, Gazebos, Outdoor Fun Stuff.

We install your NEW Swing Sets & Playsets in the DFW area.

Choose a company and explore its goods.

KidKraft Swing Set Installation
Backyard Discovery Swing Set Installation
Gorilla Playsets Installation
Sportspower Swing Set Installation
Lifetime Swing Set Installation
We install your Swing Sets & Playsets in the DFW area for as low as $250*.  Please let us know the manufacturer or company name, model name, or number, so we can provide you with the best quote. 

Thanks for submitting!

* Prices are vary depending on the set size and difficulty level of the installation process * 

KidKraft Installation

For over 50 years, KidKraft has been crafting toys and furniture to amplify and enrich childhood through spaces and places for kids to live, learn, play and explore. KidKraft collection of dollhouses, play kitchens, trains, swing sets, and indoor and outdoor furniture consistently win awards and accolades from industry experts.

KidKraft products are sold in more than 90 countries, resulting in infinite smiles from children around the world. Thoughtfully designed to fit all families, homes, and backyards, KidKraft items value classic imaginative play with nods toward technology to embrace a well-rounded, modern-day kid’s needs and wishes.

Aesthetically alluring, KidKraft products are often DIY’d by loyal followers to reflect their personal style and then widely showcased on social media via #kidkraftkids. KidKraft is design-inspired, consumer-led, and kid-proven to be a top toy manufacturer in the industry now and for decades to follow.

Backyar Discovery Installation

For over 30 years, Backyard Discovery has been producing the highest quality wooden swing sets, playhouses, and backyard leisure products for the home. Backyard Discovery team of innovators and specialists is passionate about bringing their love of quality family moments to your backyard.


Backyard Discovery is for everyday parents just like you, while also expert craftsmen with a long legacy of building great products for millions of customers. Backyard Discovery strives to take kids outside where they can flex both their muscles and their minds.

Gorilla Playsets Installation

Gorilla Playset was founded on the premise that a ready-to-assemble playset should contain quality wood components, have durable playset accessories, contain all necessary hardware, and have clear easy-to-understand instructions; all at an affordable price!

Gorilla Playset has been in the playset business since 1993, and the design engineers have many years of combined experience in designing safe, innovative, and sturdy playsets. From inventive product development to superior customer service, Gorilla Playsets is the first name for ready-to-assemble playsets.

Gorilla Playsets has taken the playset industry to new heights by going beyond the ordinary features and play value found in typical swing sets. At Gorilla Playsets, they listen to customers' needs and continually strive to produce playsets that will be safe for your children. Gorilla Playsets made adjustments and re-structured certain aspects of playsets that needed a modern re-design, and made them better! Gorilla Playsets learned from you and listened to your children.

At Gorilla Playsets, your outdoor play sets will create fun and lasting memories for you and your family, and Gorilla Playsets are so happy to be a part of them!

Sportspower Installation

Sportspower LTD began in 1992 when two business partners came together with a common goal—to make quality and affordable outdoor play products that stand apart from the competition. Sportspower has created a wide array of innovative products that were ahead of their time, from the first ever patented water slide to the first at-home air jumper. This is a goal that Sportspower has stayed true to, having had two decades of business experience continue to stay innovative and strive to make safety-tested products that exceed ASTM Standards.


Today, Sportspower trampolines, swing sets, water slides, playhouses, and all-in-one play centers, promote and provide fun exercise for children and adults of all ages. Sportspower has become a global brand in backyard play products, with distribution spreading to all major retailers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, Australia, and Japan. Sportspower stands behind its products around the world and provides customer service support in each country the products are sold to ensure that all consumers are given the assistance and attention they deserve. Sportspower believes in taking care of its customers and has been rewarded with loyalty and support in return. The passion that began the brand continues to drive Sportspower team to create the best products possible at a reasonable price to the customers.

Lifetime Installation

Lifetime come a long way since the beginning. It all started as an idea in a garage in Riverdale, Utah. As a dedicated father and fan of basketball, Lifetime Products founder simply wanted to build a better basketball hoop for his family.

His passion for innovation quickly expanded beyond his initial project, and he created a company in March of 1986 called Lifetime Products. The philosophy for the name, as well as the goal of the company, was to build durable lasting products for consumers and their families.

Lifetime began by manufacturing basketball systems and inventing the Quick Adjust. Built to adjust using a broom handle, it was the first basketball hoop homeowners could raise and lower quickly. The invention became the standard for our founder's home, and eventually the world.

Lifetime Products became a worldwide trusted brand as it quickly broadened from basketball hoops to swing sets, picnic tables, then folding tables and chairs. Now Lifetime sheds, kayaks, and more are leaders in their markets. From those first years in Lifetime's history, the company has grown from 15 employees in a partial warehouse to over 1,500 employees — all over the globe.

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