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Updated: Mar 23, 2022

KidKraft Swing Sets Playsets Installation in Dallas TX

Please visit KidKraft store on Amazon here:

For over 50 years, KidKraft has been crafting toys and furniture to amplify and enrich childhood through spaces and places for kids to live, learn, play and explore. KidKraft's collection of dollhouses, play kitchens, trains, swing sets, and indoor and outdoor furniture consistently win awards and accolades from industry experts.

KidKraft products are sold in more than 90 countries, resulting in infinite smiles from children around the world. Thoughtfully designed to fit all families, homes, and backyards, KidKraft items value classic imaginative play with nods toward technology to embrace a well-rounded, modern-day kid’s needs and wishes.

Aesthetically alluring, KidKraft products are often DIY’d by loyal followers to reflect their personal style and then widely showcased on social media via #kidkraftkids. KidKraft is design-inspired, consumer-led, and kid-proven to be a top toy manufacturer in the industry now and for decades to follow.

Please visit KidKraft store on Amazon here:


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